Frequently Asked Medical Questions

What are Formthotics?

Formthotics™ are a revolutionary custom foot orthotic. They are used for the treatment of lower limb injuries as well as for injury prevention, enhanced performance and improved comfort. Formthotics™ are a customised by thermoforming (heat moulding) to the patient’s foot and shoe and fully adjustable by additional posting and grinding.

Research and studies indicate that most people can benefit from the use of custom orthotics in their footwear. Some references if you wish to follow up this topic include:

  • Comparative trial of the foot pressure patterns between corrective orthotics, Formthotics, bone spur pads and flat insole in patients with chronic plantar fasciitis” by Chia, Suresh, Kuah, Ong, Phua and Seah 2009
  • The Effectiveness of a Sports Orthotic by Fitzgerald, 1995 – 96
  • Can custom-made biomechanics shoe orthoses prevent problems in the back and lower extremities? A randomized, controlled intervention trial of 146 Military Conscripts” by Larsen, Weidech & Leboeuf-Yde, 2001.
  • Do foot orthoses change lower limb muscle activity in flat arched feet towards a pattern observed in “normal arched” feet?” by Murley, Landorf & Menz, 2010Effectiveness of foot orthoses to treat plantar fasciitis – a randomized trial’ by Landorf, Keenan & Herbert 2006.
Do they come in different sizes?

Yes Formthotics™ come in size XXS (previously called Kids) through to XXL. They also come in various shapes, arch profiles and foam hardness. See our size chart that is found in each of the product detail pages to find your size.

How long will a set of Formthotics last?

 Formthotics™ will normally outlast the pair of shoes in which they are fitted. Even with heavy use most people should get a minimum of 12 months life from a pair of Formthotics™.

Formthotics™ have a 30 day warranty.

Can Formthotics be cleaned?

Yes they can. Simply wash them in cold or warm water with a little detergent and rinse with water. Dry them with a towel and replace them in your shoes. The Formax™ foam is waterproof and does not absorb sweat, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes foot odour and may lead to infection or athlete’s foot (tinea). Formthotics™ have added protection of an antimicrobial product called Ultra-Fresh™

Who designs and makes Formthotics?

Formthotics™ were invented by Dr Charlie Baycroft (previously Medical Director of Foot Science International) in conjunction with help and expert advice from podiatrists, sports medicine specialists and physiotherapists.

They have been manufactured in Christchurch New Zealand by Foot Science International for over 40 years.

What are Formthotics made from?

They are made from the unique, proprietary PE Foam called Formax™, a type of chemically cross-linked closed cell Polyethylene foam. This foam is very different from EVA that most other foam insoles are made from. Formax™ is completely thermoformable (heat mouldable), which means they can change shapeat relatively low temperatures. Its closed cell structure means it is completely waterproof and doesn’t absorb bacteria or germs.

Formthotics™ are antimicrobial. This is due to the nature of the closed cell foam as no contaminants are absorbed and also due to the added antimicrobial agent, Ultra-Fresh™, which prevents growth of bacteria and fungi. Independent laboratory tests show that Formax™ foam has a 100% surface inhibition of A.niger and S.aureus.