In the 1970’s, doctor and musculoskeletal expert Dr. Charlie Baycroft noticed that more and more of his patients were suffering from pain in the feet and legs, the cause of which could not be diagnosed by foot specialists.

These were patients with normal anatomy, indicating that the problem was not coming from within the body, but was rather a product of the environment.

For much of human history, people have walked on soft, natural walking surfaces like dirt and grass. It is only within the past 200 years that flat, hard walking surfaces have become prevalent.

On these surfaces, our feet contort and flatten, instead of allowing our feet to settle naturally.

Noting this, Dr. Baycroft decided that a new paradigm was necessary to understand and treat dysfunction in the legs and feet. Drawing from the fields of sports medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, podiatry and physiotherapy, Dr. Baycroft developed a revolutionary new model for treating problems in the lower extremities. Custom Medical Formthotics™ were born.

Over the past 40 years, patients and foot specialists alike have noticed an astounding improvement in lower extremity pain and dysfunction thanks to the use of Formthotics™, and foot clinics around the world have adopted Formthotics™ as an effective treatment for many common conditions.

The effectiveness of the Formthotics™ model and method are supported by published works relating to the biomechanical and neuro-motor effects that foot orthotics can have on the function of the legs and feet. Read our case studies and research learn more about how Formthotics™ can help your patients.